Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jacob Turns 8!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, cute, witty young man. Determination and strength of spirit are two very dominate parts of his personality. He can be strong willed and at times very stubborn, but it shows that he can be driven when he truly believes he needs to be.
He has a warrior's heart, but can be a very soft-hearted and gentle spirit that looks out for those smaller than him and is a very sweet boy.

He is always ready to find something new to investigate, discover and learn; active and adventurous, loves to explore. He is always ready with a new and imaginative story or joke and can't wait to make a new friend where ever he goes.  

Happy Birthday my sweet little man! May you continue to grow in your convictions; may your will and determination
continue to guide you in the right direction with strength and steadfast spirit that keeps you on your path through life. 

Love you always!

Monday, September 21, 2015


Happy Birthday to my bright eyed adventurer.
We have had ten non-stop action packed years with this guy. Always on the go and ready to find that next exploration. He has definitely kept us on our toes. He could climb before he could walk and was always finding new and exciting ways to keep life interesting.
At 10 months he wiggled out of his strapped car seat to lean over and tell me hello. At two he climbed the tennis court fence at our apartment, climbed all the way up threw a leg over and went down the other side. Now we are likely to find him high up in a tree, trying to figure out how to build something, put up a shelter or fort of some sort, off on a bike, hiking through the woods, knee deep in a mud puddle, wading in a pond, collecting interesting things, or playing with an animal, or trying to catch some kind of animal or critter.
I love this tender-hearted, curious, adventurous, mischievous, high-spirited kid.  He has a sweetness and always thinking of others around him and willing to lend a hand, but always trying to surprise you and catch you off guard.


Sunday, March 1, 2015

New Baby Chicks

In early February(the 6th, to be exact) we started incubating a new batch of chicks for the spring. This new group is a group of eggs that come from a special line of French Black Copper Marans, and a motley mixture of our current layers that are Ameraucauna, Cinnamon Queen, Rhode Island Red, Olive Eggers(Easter Egger/Maran mix), and Buff Orphintons with a French Black Copper Maran Rooster. Hopefully these new chicks will be laying in late summer to replace some of our older hens that are becoming less productive.

We are working toward specializing in a couple of breeds that we prefer to have as a dual purpose breed that is appropriate for both high production egg laying and still be big enough to use as a meat bird. So far my favorites are Easter Eggers, Olive Eggers, Marans, and possibly a couple of egg layers that are blue in color. There is nothing better than opening a carton of eggs and seeing a rainbow of just can't help but smile, really.

Back to the chicks...They began hatching on the evening of the 26th and as of this morning 20 of 24 have hatched out successfully. More than likely the last four will not be hatching, but I just have to give them a couple of extra days just in case. I hate the idea of not giving a late bloomer a chance at life. 

 Last night I spent quite a bit of time with two of them that were having a hard time getting out of their eggs on their own. I carefully helped them break just the shell around the edge that they started to unzip making sure that I did not tear the membrane on the inside of the shell. I added water to dampen the membrane to keep it soft so that they could work their way through a little more easily. They were both very week and although they were able to finally break free from their shells, they did not look like they would make it until morning. 

This morning I was excited beyond words to see that both, even though they were weak, were still alive and hanging in there. Now they are running around with the rest of the pack and trying not to get pushed around. One of the two has a toe that was crooked, but I have put it in a splint to help it grow right. I find it amazing how observant these little guys soon as I put these last two chicks in with the group, they immediately started picking on the one with the curved toe...which although is sad, they saw a difference and reacted to it.

Happy March First Everybody! Hoping the new life of these chicks encourages some great Spring weather.