Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring Is Here

Spring has officially arrived and we are in the middle of all the usual projects and a few extras this year. We have added a rabbit, and Bearded Dragon to our list of pets, and we now have a new puppy named Lucy. She is a Border Collie/Australian Shepard mix. Hopefully she will be a help to us in protecting the property and keeping our animals where they need to be. She is now about 11 weeks old, and already showing promise. She is very smart and is already beginning to learn the basic commands of sit and down. She is more interested in watching the chickens than trying to chase them so that is a definite advantage. Our hope is that she will herd instead of chase down and "play" with our chickens.

We have extended our chicken runs, began building another coop, started planting the gardens, found the previous years asparagus beginning to break through and the first blooms and first leaves developing on the trees and exploding into anticipation of warmer days ahead.

Today we have new chicks hatching. It is so exciting to see those first pecks on the egg shell after having to wait for three weeks for them to develop...waiting, wondering, anticipating, and hoping that you will have a successful hatch. The sound of those first peeps, the struggle as they unzip their shells, and the wonderful moment when they finally finish and take a little nap before actively encouraging others to do the same. It is a very exciting couple of days indeed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Benjamin

January 24th 2013 we welcomed home Benjamin. This week he turned one! We have has such a great time with this little guy over his first year. What a Blessing and a treasure he is, he has such a wonderful personality. He wakes up smiling, goes to sleep smiling and you can often catch him giggling and smiling in his sleep. Ben is a friendly little guy that will go to most people; he's curious, inquisitive and very outspoken. Although he has not "mastered" language like some of our other kids at this age, he has mastered the growl, giggle, high pitched squeal, and newly acquired cute sound, Wookie. He's a great little snuggle bug and loves to cuddle, but also likes to go or an adventure or two exploring through the house to see who he can find, or what he can get into.

Here is a picture review of his first year...Warning...Proud parent overkill for these next photos. I just couldn't resist the cuteness.
First days in the Hospital.
Even then he was calm and peaceful.

One Month Old:
Bright, alert, and happy.

Two Months Old:
More love than he
knows what to do with.

Three Months Old:
Baptism, being welcomed
 into Gods Family

Four Months old:
Big Brother...gaurdian, protector, 
first best friend.

Five Months Old:
Helping out with Laundry.


Six Months Old:
Already trying to
hug a chick.

Seven Months Old:
Snuggles with Noah are
the best.

Eight Months Old
All that cuteness 
just after a bath.

Nine Months Old:
Chillin' in the Pumpkin Patch

Ten Months Old
Finally got the crawling thing down,
but this stuff is hard on my hands.

Eleven Months Old
Joyfully awaiting Christmas

January 24, 2014
One Year Old:
Happy Birthday Baby!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Growing Pains...sometimes they affect the parents more than the kids.

Yesterday I did something that I have been trying to avoid for quite a while. Yesterday we had to go and get Evelyn's hair cut. A few months back, Evelyn decided that she needed a new hairstyle and cut a rather large chunk out of the top of her hair. Thankfully it was in a spot that could be "fixed" until it could grow out. Well a few days ago she decided that she needed to try again; this time she was more determined to get a new look.This time she choose to go all the way to the scalp in several places, at the top of her head, on the side of her head and in the back. Luckily many of the places can be hidden. She was just thinning it out, right?

 I tried to fight it for a couple of days, but then reality set in and something had to be done. We went to the salon and because of the type of hair style she went with I fully expected to have to get a very short boy type haircut. She did such a "good" job with her styling, that we couldn't even do that. Her cuts went so close that there was just no way to recover from them and any style would have looked chopped up. At that point I relied on the expert advice of the stylist and she shaped it into a cute little bob.

 As she started cutting, the stylist asked lots of questions like is it hard to watch all her long hair go? Her daddy must be sad to see all that beautiful hair get cut off...Yes, it was hard to watch. Yes, her daddy is very disappointed to see it cut. Yes, I really miss seeing her long flowing slightly curly hair blowing in the wind, but it is really cute and it will grow back...hopefully. For now this is her new look. And I love it, too. She is such a sweet happy girl and this hair cut really brings out that bubbly personality that she has. I do miss it, but it is just hair, and it will grow back...until the next time. Something tells me this is preparation for a scary future of questionable hairstyles as a teenager.