Sunday, April 27, 2008

It's Raining...It's Pouring!

It's keeping us out of our garden...We love the rain it's really great, but we only have half of our garden done. This weekend was reserved for the other half of planting and for our worm farm/compost, but the rain caught us. It did allow me to make another batch of soap. I can't wait to be able to cut it to see what it looks like. This batch is floral, but not overly sweet, a little powdery, and rose clay was added for color.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Celebrating Earth Day

Yesterday was Earth Day. In honor and celebration we started on our gardening adventure that is one step closer to becoming more self-sufficient. We spent the whole afternoon outside filling pots and planting our first vegetables and herbs. We used this as an opportunity for school learning about the plant structure and what plants need to survive, grow and produce seeds and fruit. We also started our seed beds for several other vegetables and herbs in order to see how a plant can start out as an itty bitty seed and grow into a big plant(this is science for my preschooler). Now the big question is can we do just as well in pots as in the ground? Stay tuned to see our progress, pictures next week.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What A Week!

We just got home from a wonderful, relaxing week that allowed me time to step back and reflect on everything going on in our lives. It is nice to have time to see and appreciate all the blessings in life. My mom came up for Nathan's First Communion and we went to Evansville, Indiana to the Daughters of Charity Convent. We spent the entire week on the grounds visiting my great aunt, who is a nun living there. It was really great to visit with her. Since moving to Mississippi we missed her annual trip home twice, and have been planning to visit her for about 5 years, so being able to go was a blessing and a gift that I will never forget. The time there with her and on the grounds was priceless. We had time to relax, fish, play with the kids, visit with some of the residents(most were in retreat and not talking), saw lots of wildlife, visit the chapels on the grounds and spend lots of quiet time walking the grounds. From every angle there was a beautiful sight. It was so exciting ,while we were there the earth actually moved under our feet;we had our first experience with an earthquake that shook us out of bed at 4:30 Friday morning. Saturday we drove home and Celebrated Nathan's First Communion on Sunday, then in the afternoon on we went to the zoo to have a little more time with Granny before she went home.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Batch is Ready!

I am really excited my newest batch has cured for a month and is ready to send out. This new soap is a shaving soap that I created an original scent for. It is warm and spicy and has a lime, citrus scent. For a different look and so that it would fit into a small bowl or mug I made little cubes. I am searching right now to find a unique container(a small pottery bowl perhaps) to accompany it, and a shaving brush.
The beautiful handmade washcloths pictured with this soap are made by Lona at Shady Side Farm. She can be found on Etsy and has a blog link listed on the right called Farming in the Shade. Be sure to go by her blog and see what is going on at the farm and view all her beautiful products especially the handmade rugs.
Tomorrow I will be creating a new batch. I am trying to decide if it will be a repeat like Rosemary-Mint or if a new scent, maybe a floral or garden herb will be created.
Time for Soccer...

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday and raining....

Today is my first attempt at a post. We didn't have much going on today. I had planned to start our worm farm project and maybe get ready for planting our "garden". I use quotes because we are in an apartment and have very limited space, but this year I am determined to try for the basics, Tomato, basil and a couple of other herbs, summer squash, cucumbers and maybe lettuce.

We finished the basic homework necessary for the day and were disappointed with the weather and bored so we made play-dough because the store bought cans were dried. For fun the boys got to choose their colors and we used packs of Kool-Aid for color and scent. It is amazing how something can inspire imagination and occupy lots and lots of time.

Tonight is pizza and a movie night. So the boys and I are off to make dough....