Friday, April 4, 2008

It's Friday and raining....

Today is my first attempt at a post. We didn't have much going on today. I had planned to start our worm farm project and maybe get ready for planting our "garden". I use quotes because we are in an apartment and have very limited space, but this year I am determined to try for the basics, Tomato, basil and a couple of other herbs, summer squash, cucumbers and maybe lettuce.

We finished the basic homework necessary for the day and were disappointed with the weather and bored so we made play-dough because the store bought cans were dried. For fun the boys got to choose their colors and we used packs of Kool-Aid for color and scent. It is amazing how something can inspire imagination and occupy lots and lots of time.

Tonight is pizza and a movie night. So the boys and I are off to make dough....

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