Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Summer Is Here

J. Planting Beans
Everything is heating up fast, and summer is now upon us even though not officially yet. It is definitely time for front porches and ice cold tea, lemonade and popsicles. The gardens are not really thriving this year, but they are planted and some things are more successful than others. In time we will get the soil right and have better success.

N. Planting Peas
 The onions and shallots seem to be doing really well. A few of the garlic seems to be doing well too. Right now we have two tomato plants that are just beautiful and one is loaded with tomatoes(Creole Tomato) and the other is slowly producing a few(Amelia Tomato). There is also a cherry tomato that is trying really hard to get established.

Zucchini, and Yellow Squash are growing nicely this year and it seems as though we have escaped the dreaded Squash Boring Bug that gave us so many problems last year.

We also have a few random potato plants, a volunteer squash or pumpkin of some sort that is beautiful, and a few gourdes that will look like eggs.

Our new garden space
On the new garden plot so far we have planted some eggplant, peppers, okra, squash black eyed peas, and purple hull peas. I am hoping to put in some more tomatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, corn, and cantaloupe.

I am already planning and looking forward to the fall crops...I am really enjoying the process of gardening even though the yields are not overly successful.

Some of the Chickens
The chickens are doing great. These new guys are a whole lot different than my first ones. They are less timid, and a whole lot more aggressive. The little rooster is beginning to show dominance and our older chickens are not too happy about it. So far they haven't been too mean to the smaller ones, but they let them know who is boss.

Our baby girl is on the move

The kids are all excited for summer and what adventures are ahead of them for the next couple of months...nothing really planned yet, but there is a lot of anticipation. Hoping we can make it a memorable summer for them.

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