Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Making Old New Again

When we moved into this house(Almost 3 years ago!) There were some metal frame park benches left out in the yard. 
It was one of my "treasures" that I found here. 

I was determined to redo these benches and make them ours. We figured that they would be cute for the kids and would make nice places to sit when we were outside. 

It took a while, but we recently got around to doing it and I really like how they turned out. It adds some color to our right now bare yard in need of lots of TLC... 

We began by measuring and cutting out all the wooden pieces that would be needed for each bench.Nathan was very helpful and cut each piece with a hand saw. As he was doing that I began working on the frames using red and blue enamel spray paint. The kids got involved and helped to paint the wooden parts that were going into the seat and back supports. 

Most of the boards were parts of an old fence that we picked up on the road side and have been slowly been using for various projects around the house. Of course whenever projects are started there is always a rain delay...after a week of waiting for the rain to let up we continued to paint. Each of the boys did a portion of the painting, and we also had some help and entertainment from E. 

 After all was painted and dried we put the boards in place to test them out and see how the benches fit together...looks like it worked out pretty well. is the final result...our new outdoor seating!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Cypress Lake Soap is off to the Races

Recently, we were approached to be part of the Swag Bags that are handed out at the Kentucky Derby. Here is a video interview with the company WOW Creations that puts these amazing gift bags together. We were very excited to participate this year and have the opportunity to have our brand sent out to a broader group of people. If you look closely we are in the front middle of the group.