About Us

We are a home schooling family living on a couple of acres of property learning how to get the most out of what we have and becoming self sustaining. We have four children: Nathan(age 11), Noah(age 6), Jacob(age 4) and Evelyn Grace (age 1). My husband works as a Technical Director of a theater and also designs and builds sets when he gets the chance.

We have a small soap making business called Cypress Lake Soap. It is a hobby adventure that it budding into a business. I truly love this business and where it is taking me. It has given me the opportunity to develop a product that is not only beneficial, and natural, but also a healthier option for us, the environment and other families. 

In learning to be sustainable, we are also slowly acquiring a mini-farm(meaning right now we have chickens and eggs, and we are hoping for successful gardens). Eventually we would like to have some chickens to use as meat birds and some other small farm animals to help us to become more independent.

Join us on our journey, as my husband and I raise our children to follow God, learn to live a more simple life respecting and enjoying nature and all the good things that God has provided us, and all of the ups and downs of everyday life.

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