Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Yes, It's another birthday! This one is a big ONE, our baby is now a big boy! Jacob turned one on Saturday and is growing so fast. Although he isn't walking, yet, loves climbing on boxes and chairs and buckets. It is amazing that he is so agile while climbing, but will not attempt to take that second step away from any support object he uses to stand next to. Of course crawling has its advantages, because he does need all his speed to keep up with the brothers.

He is very "helpful" too, with the laundry "sorting clothes", going through my boxes of soap to make sure they smell okay, at the dishwasher "unloading" dishes, or at the computer "checking" email.

His favorite things are being outside, gardening(playing in the dirt), playing at the park, and listening to music and dancing. Jacob's favorite song right now is the Banana Boat Song(Day-0). Which is really funny, because his favorite food is bananas.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Birthday Boy

Happy Birthday Noah!
On Sunday Noah turned 3!
Mom thought it was on Monday but recovered the day okay. When it came time to decide on a cake Noah decided he wanted a green turtle cake. So with a couple of hours to whip something up, here are the results. Not my best design by far, but it did get big smiles out of the Birthday Boy. Just in case anyone is wondering where the green is, the turtle is green on the inside. So although it was spur of the moment, and the cake is primitive, we had a good day.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Time To Catch Up

Summer has come to an end and school has officially begun for us. It has been a while since our last post. Time seems to get away from us these days. Over the summer we had a great time out exploring the Memphis Zoo, National Forest and State Parks in our area, Summer camps, including cub scout and bible school camps. Playing with friends both old and new. Enjoying time out at a friend's farm. Spending time with family in Louisiana.

Spending Saturdays at Taylor's Farmers Market has also been a very enjoyable part of our summer this year. Not only has it given me a great outlet for marketing the soap that I make, it has given the boys the opportunity to meet many people who have enriched our life and become good friends; great music and musicians that have inspired, especially Nathan who is determined to start guitar lessons this fall; good food from local farmers; and several great artistisans, who have also been inspiring by developing an interest in crafting and creating.

Our experimental garden from pots has just about come to its end; although it did not produce very much, the boys enjoyed watching everything grow and change and watch nature through the bugs and animals that visited our garden. Mostly, we enjoyed watching the visiting chicken who often came to rest in our pots and pecked at our tomatoes. The most bizarre happening was when the squirrel came and stole one of the last remaining tomatoes from the plants. In the spring we will be able to try again hopefully in the ground at our new home.