Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Gardening: First Bed Finally Planted

Finally the cold wet dreary weather has been seen a lot less lately and Spring seems to be slowly peaking in here. In the last week, when the baby cooperates, we have started one of our gardens. 
The potatoes are in, although they don't seem to be doing much yet. Next to that purple and yellow onion sets have been put in. There are several kinds of lettuce, endive, swiss chard, radicchio, and broccoli. As a beginning companion planting experiment a square of spinach plants were also put in with strawberry plants placed among them for ground cover. One more small spot is left for a few kale plants to be added.

Not long after everything was set into the ground it began to rain...I love it when gardening just works out, we didn't have to use the tap water and the plants got a good drink. 

I am really glad that Matt was able to enclose the first garden area during the weekend. the ducks and chickens were patrolling the area trying to figure out how to get into it. It is definitely not deer proof, but my hope it that because it is closer to the house they won't be very interested, but that doesn't stop the raccoons from visiting, so we'll see.

This week I am hoping to build our first raised bed and put in some sugar snap peas, but not sure what is going in with them yet. We found several ideas, but first we will try using fence pickets to build a 4' x 6' bed raised two pickets high, so about 10" high. Something very easy to assemble and disassemble so that it can be moved when needed.

How is your garden progress?

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