Monday, March 4, 2013


Finally we have a break in this cold, wet, cloudy and yes even snowy weather. The last few couple of weeks have been a mixture of  rainy, damp, cloudy and cold snow flurry filled days. Today we are having a beautiful day that is actually leaning toward warm, so today begins our planting season.

Right now I have onion starts, potato sprouts, several types of lettuce, some spinach and hopefully a few other cool weather tolerant plants. to get us started. This years garden will also be an attempt at companion planting mixed in with organic practices. This way we can experiment with natural pest deterring methods adding interest to the garden with flowers, adding natural mulch and nutrients to the soil with cover crops to shade the ground and help keep in moisture, not to mention combining vegetables with herbs that compliment each other and help to enhance the flavor of the vegetables.

Today I dug trenches and some of the kids and I set out some of the potato sprout starts. Because of rain we had to take a break, but hopefully soon everything will get re-tilled, the greens, and onions will get planted, then the kale and swiss chard. My goal is to always have something new growing throughout this season.

What do you have growing in your yard? How are you planning out your garden this season?

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