Saturday, January 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Benjamin

January 24th 2013 we welcomed home Benjamin. This week he turned one! We have has such a great time with this little guy over his first year. What a Blessing and a treasure he is, he has such a wonderful personality. He wakes up smiling, goes to sleep smiling and you can often catch him giggling and smiling in his sleep. Ben is a friendly little guy that will go to most people; he's curious, inquisitive and very outspoken. Although he has not "mastered" language like some of our other kids at this age, he has mastered the growl, giggle, high pitched squeal, and newly acquired cute sound, Wookie. He's a great little snuggle bug and loves to cuddle, but also likes to go or an adventure or two exploring through the house to see who he can find, or what he can get into.

Here is a picture review of his first year...Warning...Proud parent overkill for these next photos. I just couldn't resist the cuteness.
First days in the Hospital.
Even then he was calm and peaceful.

One Month Old:
Bright, alert, and happy.

Two Months Old:
More love than he
knows what to do with.

Three Months Old:
Baptism, being welcomed
 into Gods Family

Four Months old:
Big Brother...gaurdian, protector, 
first best friend.

Five Months Old:
Helping out with Laundry.


Six Months Old:
Already trying to
hug a chick.

Seven Months Old:
Snuggles with Noah are
the best.

Eight Months Old
All that cuteness 
just after a bath.

Nine Months Old:
Chillin' in the Pumpkin Patch

Ten Months Old
Finally got the crawling thing down,
but this stuff is hard on my hands.

Eleven Months Old
Joyfully awaiting Christmas

January 24, 2014
One Year Old:
Happy Birthday Baby!