Monday, April 7, 2008

A New Batch is Ready!

I am really excited my newest batch has cured for a month and is ready to send out. This new soap is a shaving soap that I created an original scent for. It is warm and spicy and has a lime, citrus scent. For a different look and so that it would fit into a small bowl or mug I made little cubes. I am searching right now to find a unique container(a small pottery bowl perhaps) to accompany it, and a shaving brush.
The beautiful handmade washcloths pictured with this soap are made by Lona at Shady Side Farm. She can be found on Etsy and has a blog link listed on the right called Farming in the Shade. Be sure to go by her blog and see what is going on at the farm and view all her beautiful products especially the handmade rugs.
Tomorrow I will be creating a new batch. I am trying to decide if it will be a repeat like Rosemary-Mint or if a new scent, maybe a floral or garden herb will be created.
Time for Soccer...

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