Wednesday, May 21, 2008

New Soap Batches Created

I was able to create four new batches during the month of May.

This marbled batch is Rosemary-Mint, I created this one and added neem oil to it because of the skin healing properties that it contains. Also added to this batch are rose clay and green sea clay for color.

Orange-Eucalyptus with cinnamon swirled in. This batch is very similar to the first orange scented batch created except for color contrast and scent I stirred in ground cinnamon. It reminds me of the orange cinnamon rolls we used to eat as kids.

This batch is Patchouli-Lavender, one of my personal favorites. It has a clean scent that is very well liked by both the men and women who have tried it. In this batch I adjusted the essential oils a little and added more clay. This bar could be used as a shaving bar as well as a bath bar.

These three batches will be cured and added to my Etsy site in the middle of June.
Lavender-Ylang Ylang is a floral scent. I combined Lavender and Ylang Ylang with several other essential oils and came up with a unique scent that is floral and herbal and a little powdery. This batch will be cured and ready for sale on Etsy the first week of June.

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  1. OK, got to order some of that Patchouli Lavender! Great stuff. Will read up more on the neem oil. Need something for the dried out skin all this gardening and fence building is giving me!