Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Soap Update

I have been working on several batches of soap in order to get ready for winter and the Holiday Season. So far, I have made Rosemary Lemongrass(Ready Sept 12), Patchouli-Rose(Ready Oct. 30), and Frankinsense and Myrrh(Ready Nov. 5). I am hoping to be able to make a batch a day for the rest of this week if possible in order to have the new batches of holiday scents avaliable starting mid November.

Batches that I will hopefully be making in the coming weeks for December will include Peppermint, another rose scent, a "green" scent maybe a piney forest, a Chai and Spice, and a mulled wine soap using Red Wine and spices. It is quite a few new batches but I am hoping to get them all in.

The batches ready for October include a new batch of Patchouli-Lavender(Ready Oct. 20), Lavender(Ready Oct. 1), Oat and Grain(Ready Oct. 12), Rosemary-Mint(Ready Oct. 25), Sportsman(Ready Oct. 30), Orange-Eucalyptus(Ready Sept. 25) this batch has annatto seed added to it for an orange color with the brown swirl of cinnamon in honor of Halloween.

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  1. These sound so nice :o) I'm going to want some of the mint soap for the boys - I think they'll love it.