Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Plant Project

For Christmas I was given an Amaryllis as a gift. When I opened the package there was a bulb that had already begun to grow. It was white because it had been growing inside a sealed container. Nathan and I started talking about it because it was peculiar and it is now a pet project on how plants grow, what they need to grow, and how long it will take to create a flower. We will try to keep up with it on the blog as well as the notebook.

Day 1(Sun. January4):
This is the first day out of the package. Nathan noticed it was white instead of green. and it was curled because of the tight packaging. He also measured the height of the leaves and the stem with the flower bud. The leaves were 2 inches tall and the stem measured about 4 inches.

Day 2(Mon. January 5):
Today the stem began to straighten out and there was more color present on both the leaves and the stem. It is a light yellowish green on the edges. The measurements were still the same for both the stem and the leaves.
Day 3(Tue. January 6):
This morning there was quite a noticeable difference in color from yesterday; it is actually becoming green. It is also a little straighter than yesterday. Unfortunately we did not measure the plant to see if it was the same height.
Day4(Wed. January 7):
Today the green is even brighter and the white color is almost completely gone. Measuring the stem and leaves today showed that it had also grown a bit. The stem is now 5 1/4 inches long and the Leaves are 2 1/4 inches tall.

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  1. Cool project! I remember doing that! I keep it still in a pot outdoors and comes back every year for lasting memories!
    Linked you at the new blog, check it out. Haven't done the piece on soap yet, but will! Love it!