Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chickens on the Loose

The boys are beginning to enjoy the chickens so much more now that we are able let them roam out in the yard every evening and that they are able to go out to see if there are any eggs waiting for them. The chickens are even beginning to get brave and explore the woods near the house. So far we haven't had any problems. The dog that comes to visit is now being kept at home during the hours that we let the chickens loose so it has been working out very nicely. The chickens love their time in the yard and it is great fun to watch their antics, and they are also beginning to actually relate more to us now that they are not penned up. They impatiently wait at the pen door and cluck at about five in the evening to be let out, and are beginning to follow us around the yard instead of run away. The boys are also able to catch and hold them now. One of the funniest new things is watching the kittens that we recently brought home. They will stalk the chickens while they have their backs turned, but as soon as a chicken turns and faces them they look in another direction as if to act innocent. The chickens and the kittens are so much more fun to watch than the television and computer. I am beginning to see what people did before electronics. There is so much wonder out there in the world that it is actually sad that the world is missing out on it. What hobbies do your families engage in that doesn't include electronic devices?

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  1. I know what you mean about all the things people are missing out on by being cooped up inside, and by not having chickens. Some of our family was talking the other day about all of the bugs in their yard (fleas, ants, mosquitoes) and the sprays they are using to control them. They offered us some of their chemicals, assuming that since we were rural, we must certainly have many more problems with said insects than they do. Funny thing is, we have no problems with any of those bugs (even the fleas, even with a dog) because the chickens are let out to roam the yard for about 4-5 hours a day and they have taken care of all of it. Who needs dangerous chemicals, just get a few chickens :)