Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Greetings all on this beautiful Halloween night. This year was a quiet Halloween. For this year we didn't participate in the usual festivities, running around the neighborhoods begging for treats; I could give several reasons why, but instead I will just show you what we did do. The boys were treated to a very special Halloween trick meal...We started the night with a quite artfully put together salad of eyeballs and hairballs...
Then I stirred up a quick batch of goblin guts...
and completed the meal with some
deliciously bloody mummy fingers.
To wash this ghoulish meal down the boys had
day-old bathwater to drink....

...and for dessert they were served a delicious scoop of freshly dug graveyard mud complete with worms and bugs.
Hope your ghouls and goblins had a horrificly terrific Halloween night. Mwwaahahahaaaa!

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