Thursday, June 21, 2012

Two Years Old...

Happy Birthday Evelyn!

 Our sweet baby girl turns 2 today!

One year Old
What a complete joy she has been! I have to admit she was a big surprise for us and after having three boys we were a bit apprehensive about entering the world of princess and the life of girl. 

About 15 Months: All dressed
and ready for Tea.
It has been wonderful getting to know this beautiful, bright, energetic, little bundle since we brought her home from the hospital. She has us all wrapped around those short, chubby little two year old fingers. 
About 18 Months: Loves her
pretty princess dress
 Even the boys have fallen under her manipulative little spell. Her smile and the twinkle in her eyes has just captured all our hearts. 

21Months Old: Sword Play
She is all girl(well mostly at least)she is all about pink and princess, loves her babies and playing tea. She can even get the boys(Daddy included) to sit and play tea party or have a picnic. She doesn't like bugs and is very cautious around the critters that the boys bring home...but she can sword fight like a seasoned veteran and loves digging in the dirt, exploring in the woods, and helping in the garden.
23 Months: Garden Helper

20 Months: Daddy Love
Evelyn loves her Momma it's easy to see, because she is never far from my side or my lap, but she knows she has an extra special place in her Daddy's heart and it is very obvious. It is so very sweet to see the two of them together. She has a very special love for her daddy and I love watching the two of them interact. 

23Months: Happy Smiles
This past year it has been lots of fun to watch her grow from the wobbly little tot to the sweet little girl who loves to dance and twirl into the kitchen when she needs to make an entrance. She has started talking a lot later than the boys did. Probably because she was so good at directing everyone to what she needed with just a look, but in the past few weeks she has been picking up so many new words. Her quest for new words is really cute too. She brings things to us so that we can tell her what they are then she tries to repeat the words. This week colors are her favorite thing to explore. I think her favorite is least that's the one she says the most.

23Months: Evelyn Loves
her Papa
Love and Birthday Blessings to you our little girl. Thank you for two beautiful years and many more in the future. You have made our life brighter, funnier, and happier just by being here. You are smart, witty, charming, and loving, full of sweetness and so very cuddly. We love you.

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