Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cub Scout Camp...Take Two

Oh the Joy!
Take two, because that is how many Matt got to take this year. Jacob has finally made it! This year has been  strongly anticipated for several years now. Jacob has begged and begged to be big enough to go to summer camp and be big enough to be a cub scout like his brothers.
The smile on his face through the truck window was just so cute as they drove away to begin a new adventure and new chapter in his life.

I have to point out the style this guys has...not many people can pull off an outfit like this one. Plaid pants and a uniform shirt...classic.

Our Chief Safety Officer
making sure things are
done right
Noah is a veteran this year beginning his first year as a Webelos I. This year begins his journey as a transitional scout learning to become a Boy Scout and become more independent. He has grown so much this year. He now has his whittling chip and uses a knife correctly and safely, and is beginning to show some leadership skills...and proudly I have to share how well he did this morning. He escorted a fellow scout up the isle in Church as part of the observance of Memorial Day and led the Pledge of Allegiance in a packed mass; he did a wonderful job and was loud enough to be heard without a microphone.

Did I mention that TWO of my children are going to Cub Scout Camp!!! I may actually be able to get some things done around the house...but I think that the quiet that will happen will be eerie...because it has only been an hour and it is very quiet here...

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