Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Trip Fund Raiser with Noah

This December Noah and I will be going to Jerusalem, Bethlehem and hopefully other places in the area. We are going to meet friends and will be staying there for about ten days. Noah recently came to me and offered to help with funds for the trip so that we would be able to go on some of the many tours that are available in the area. This amazing opportunity is a trip of a lifetime for us and we are hoping to see as much of the exciting history especially the rich Christian/Judeo/Muslim history that the area is steeped in.
These are some types of bookmarks we will have available. We are using leather thread, glass and metal beads. Many of the beads we are using are going to be recycled from old costume jewelry and being repurposed into something new which makes many of the items truly unique. The leather items like the feathers, leaves, and flowers are hand cut, shaped and dyed by us. 

 Over the next couple of months we are making small gift items out of our leather, and adding in items like bookmarks and wine glass markers that will be made with glass beads, leather string, small handmade leather decorative pieces and charms. We are hopefully going to have items available at several local stores. The items would make great hostess gifts, teachers gifts, and small happies like stocking stuffers and secret pal gifts. We will also still have some soap, and other leather goods available. 
 These are some of the Wine Glass Markers that we are making with some of the smaller left over pieces of leather thread. Each one is unique and different. We will have these, the bookmarks, and other leather items at the Art Vending Machine located at the Powerhouse, and they will be available when we are at markets and by contacting us directly. 

We will also be attending local markets when able. A list of stores and markets will be created soon. 

Thank you for your consideration
Noah Zerangue
Michelle Zerangue

I will update and post other crafts on my Facebook  page and our Family Page @handmadeandhomegrown

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