Thursday, February 11, 2010

Updates and Catching up

Wow! I can not believe it has been close to a year since I have posted anything. Well things had gotten busy in those months. The summer was filled with Cub Scout activities, Farmer's Market fun, house hunting and visiting with family and friends. At the end of September we finally found our house and moved into it in October. November we discovered that we will be adding a new addition to the family due to arrive at the end of June. Holidays were nice, we spent our first Christmas in our new home and spent the New Year with family.
As the new year unfolds we are beginning to realize the projects ahead of us and how they are building. Obviously there are on going home projects since we have bought an older home that will need repairs. The yard will be needing some work. The woods need some clearing and new trees need to be put in. I will be ordering laying hens in a couple of weeks, so the chicken coop needs to be completed by May. Seedlings also need to be started soon as this weird cold weather goes away and Spring arrives. We are pretty sure of where the garden is going to go for this year, that may change later.
My oldest son killed his first deer this year and sausage was made with some of the meat. We made a makeshift smoker using an outdoor grill on the property and we are determined to have a smokehouse. It is in the planning stages and hopefully will be finished by the fall or next spring.

Soon I will be making new batches of soap and getting ready for this year's Farmer's Market, and local stores that are now carrying the soap.
So I think we are all caught up. These goals are in addition to our regular everyday life of school and such. My Blog goal is to post at least once a week and update on the projects ahead.
Wishing everyone health and success in the New Year.
So until next time...

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