Sunday, March 7, 2010

Spring Clearing

Today, we started clearing out some of the property. Where the garden is located for this year, we cut down five smaller trees, mostly pines and cedars, to allow more light in. On the other side of the yard, we started removing the privet that is starting to take over. So far we have cleared out about eight trees and although it sounds like a lot, it really has not affected the look of our yard yet.
I really like the seclusion that is created by the heavily wooded areas, and want to preserve it, but it is so overrun with vines, brambles, privet, and lots and lots of unhealthy little trees that are starting to affect the health of everything around them. I think that by replacing much of what is there with native species it will be much easier to maintian in the future. Besides, it would be so much nicer to walk through the woods and not get tangled the thornes that have taken over.

Most of the trees we are cutting down will be re-purposed. The trunks will be used for garden borders, fence posts, and other projects. Some of the smaller branches are being kept for trellising, plant stakes, and other crafts and projects. If we have enough wood in the future it would be really fun to build a fort.

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