Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time For Spring! Time For Spring!

For some reason this winter has been way too long, just dragging and lingering. Maybe it is because we have all this new yard and I am really itching to dig into it, literally. The boys and I have been planting seeds for weeks now in anticipation of getting the garden started. This morning Jacob and I went out to clear our new garden area. This area is a tempory spot for this year until we can decide exactly how the yard will be used.

We are situated on a hill that is heavily wooded. Although this can be a disadvantage because of the extra work of clearing out some of the land, it has mostly been untouched for the last thirty years or more and is very fertile soil.

One of our goals going forward is to keep some of the wooded areas especially where the land will be too difficult to plant. Thinning out some of the flatter areas but keeping the larger trees. Filling in with native plants, gardens interplanted with flowering plants, herbs, and edible plants. Hopefully finding an area for fruit trees and berry bushes. It will be a long, tedious journey and a very, very big undertaking.

The first step besides the temporary garden is going to be watching to see what is already here. There are lots of daffodills, iris, strawberry, and herbs near the garden area and in the front yard that died down during the winter; waiting to see what comes back as it warms up. There are several large rose bushes and azalea bushes that are oddly placed, but could be moved or just removed eventually.

Time to trim some more limbs and vines.

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  1. We are doing the same thing over here! I can't wait for spring. i need some sun and some greenery!