Friday, June 18, 2010

My Oldest Son's Talent

My oldest son is a very talented boy. We butt heads often when it comes to school work, which can be very difficult at times, but I have to admire his artistic ability. He is very artistic in many areas and enjoys lots of the different arts. He has been taking guitar for about a year now and does fairly well, loves acting in plays and operas that are put on by the local university, and has a passion for art and drawing. He started drawing at two, and we were rather impressed by what he accomplished. But the odd thing was he was never without a notebook and pencil and by the end of that year I had a box of notebooks and paper. He still goes through several notebooks a year mostly drawing Star Wars, various weapons and Superheros. And it has rubbed off onto his brothers who draw on everything also(Nathan never drew on walls...the other two are a different story). So to the point of this post, we asked him to draw some cards for family members and one in particular stood out. He took a tee shirt that had a bass printed on it and began to draw it. Below is a scan of his picture.
Although I am able to draw a little, I don't think that my talent even came close to this at the peak of my college years. Matt is quite an accomplished artist and was very impressed at Nathan's ability at this age. Nathan is 10 years old.

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