Tuesday, June 15, 2010

One Week Left

Well we are down to the last week of pregnancy...It went by faster than I expected. There is so much to be done until Monday. I am pretty sure that I have planted my last plant until the fall...maybe. Everything seems to be growing really well now and we actually have vegetables on the plants. Yesterday we picked our first cucumber and yellow squash. Matt made a trellis with some of the sticks from the trees that were in the yard for the cucumbers to start climbing on. All of the tomatoes have now been staked and yesterday we noticed that many of the plants now have marble sized tomatoes on them. There are also several small zucchini and yellow squash and what looks like a pumpkin, and a melon of some sort growing also. The watermelon seedlings seem to be doing pretty well so far. The eggplants are doing okay, but seem to be growing a little slow. I am not too sure of the bell peppers that were planted, something seems to be eating them and they don't seem to be growing very well yet, they may need a supplement of some sort to get started. Yesterday I planted my hot peppers and pimento peppers. It doesn't look like the onions are going to survive this year, we will have to try again next season with those and maybe some garlic.

My last Farmer's Market for a while will be this Saturday. Either Matt will be out there, or Katherine at Broken Magnolia Farm will have a table at her stand for me until I am able to return. I think that this weekend will be the last 'ice pop' weekend until I can get up and around again, hopefully that will only be a couple of weeks.

Soap has to be prepared and Ice Pops have to be made for the weekend. One of the local papers will be doing an article on me and the soap, so today I will be making a couple more batches of soap so that pictures of the process can be taken. It is so exciting to have an article in the paper.

My Sister-in-Law will be here this weekend with her children, to visit and help out and we just can't wait until she arrives. They live in Texas so we don't get to see them nearly enough of them.

This will probably be the last post for a while too, If I get a chance at the end of the week I will post pictures of the new soap, one of them will be a new floral scent and I am leaning toward a combination of jasmine and grapefruit.

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