Monday, September 27, 2010

Jacob Turns Three Today

Happy Birthday Jacob!

Today is my third son's third birthday. He is a very active, adventurous, little boy that loves to explore and investigate his world. He loves to sing and dance and has the heart of a Scottish Warrior; he doesn't give up or give in when he truly believes it is what he needs. Yet, he is very kind hearted and gentle and has a very generous spirit and a very sweet boy. This is a little pictorial history of Jacob's first three years.
(September 27, 2007)
Jacob joins the family.

(October 2007)
Our little Pumpkin. He was our tiny tot.

(March 2008)
Out exploring on a warm spring day.

(March 2008)
Enjoying a banana for the first time.

(September 2008)
Farmer's Market Fun in a tire pot made by Felder Rushing.

(July 2009)
Nothing better than a fresh carrot.

(August 2009)
It's just all sweetness and love.

(August 2009)
First Haircut

(May 2010)
Camping Out

(August 2010)
Exploring the U.S.S. Kidd

Happy Birthday to my little man.

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