Friday, April 1, 2011

Crossing Over

This week Nathan received his arrow of light and crossed over from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. It is amazing how quickly time has gone. In the last five years we have watch him grow from an imaginative, adventurous little boy, into a fine young man. It has not always been easy or fun and there were lots of bumps along the way, but most things worth attaining in life will be met with challenges and obstacles to overcome. It is hard to imagine that in the next five years we will be watching our oldest son go from the imaginative, creative little boy that we know grow into a man. It is really wonderful to see the qualities and talents that God has given to him begin to emerge and show us a glimpse of the person he can become.

Nathan is creative, artistic, intelligent, kind, and friendly; he never meets a stranger. He is also strong willed, obstinate, overly confident and sometimes very hard to convince that he should be doing things differently. Often, as parents we want to focus on and foster all the good qualities and work really hard on removing the 'bad' traits. We have to remember that even some of the characteristics that we may not like now will serve him well and make him a stronger adult. These traits will be what makes them leaders. Sometimes as a parent we forget to foster those qualities also and remember that they have a purpose in their life; that it is important to guide and not push(something I need to work on).

My hope and prayer moving forward is that we can work together to focus on helping him to become the man he is destined to become. Here is to the future of a bright, wonderful young man and the next leg of his journey. Our oldest son, Nathan. We love you.

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