Thursday, January 19, 2012

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Today our oldest is twelve...where have the years gone. He has gone from a precocious little tot, to a rough, active, adventurous, little boy, then a stubborn, strong willed youth ready to conquer the world...and now he wants to be a man. Full of promise, and passion and ready to tackle anything, no plan in site, but sure of victory...he is and always was all boy.

Here is a pictorial history of life with Nathan. I had to okay the pictures first in order to reduce the embarrassment factor of a pre-teen and unfortunately the bare bottom photo was voted out, but I have to say it is definitely one of my favorite and oh so very cute.

One month
Three months and already knows
  how to be cool.
Eighteen months
Always liked being just like  his Daddy.

Two years old - Always the artist

Three and a half years - A man of
 intrigue and disguise

Four years -
Puddle jumping explorer
Granny's Fig Tree

Four and a half years
Very discriminating sense of  style
Uncle Philip's Wedding

Five years old
Big move to Oxford ,  Mississippi
Five and a half years
Noah arrives

Six years
First trip to a real beach
Mobile, Alabama

Seven years old
Trip to Fort Worth
Star Wars Exhibit

Seven and a half  years
Jacob arrives

Eight years old
Cub Scout Summer Camp

Nine years old
Fun with Brothers...Noah attacked
with a bucket of mud.

Ten years old
Crawfish Boil at the new house

Ten and a Half
Evelyn Arrives

The biggest snow EVER!
Eleven and a half
Grilling Chicken

Twelve Years Old
...and yes he blew them all out

So here's to the first twelve years of the Saga of Nathan. There have been ups and downs, smiles and frowns. Lots of laughter and some tears. We have weathered all the storms and are still here. My birthday wish for you is countless blessings, lots of love and joy, the best of everything that life has to offer and many, many more years to come. May your journey in life take you far and the adventure always be exciting...