Monday, April 22, 2013

Baptisms are Beautiful

Benjamin getting ready for his big day.
What could be better than spending the day with friends and  family in the presence of God. Last Sunday, our newest baby was Baptized into the Catholic Church.
 This was the first time we have baptized one of our children in Mississippi. We usually go home to Louisiana in the presence of most of our family and what we have come to call our family priest. Father Gary has been with our family since my parents were married. He has been with us for many, many weddings, funerals, and baptisms, not to mention many many years of being the priest at several churches that we attended including being part of our years in Catholic school. Because of circumstances here and at home in Louisiana, we found ourselves here in Mississippi, and although the atmosphere of this particular baptism -because we were surrounded with a lot less family that is related by blood, we created new bonds with a new extended family - it was very different, but we had a great day; it was a wonderful and beautiful experience. We are so very blessed to have met some wonderful people here who have truly touched our lives, and I know will be a wonderful blessing in Benjamin's life.
Fr. Joe, Parrin, and Nanny
We shared the day with Father Joe, our friends the Richmond's(Godparents), Matt's father(Gramps), and of course our children. Benjamin was dressed in my father's Baptismal Gown. Which has been such a wonderful gift and family treasure that most of my children have been dressed in. Benjamin was wide awake and smiling the whole time, even when he was blessed with holy water. The cold water was a little shocking, but other than being a little surprised, it didn't phase him; he kept on smiling.

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