Monday, April 29, 2013

Garden: First Harvest!

We came home yesterday from a mini vacation of sorts from Vicksburg, MS. Matt attended the Knights of Columbus Conference and while there the kids and I explored the town and saw a few sites. More on that to come in another post. This morning I was eager to get back to juicing some kind of fresh vegetable/fruit mixture, and looked out over the garden. It seems like everything doubled since the last photo. Yes, I have to brag a little about the beauty in our garden, not because I want anyone to feel bad, but because I don't think that we have ever had such a beautiful garden as we do this year. Timing worked out just right for us.
The cool start to spring set us on a perfect planting schedule and everything is on track...well mostly, our peas are a little behind, but I am hopeful. Our harvest included, several heads of lettuce, a beautiful bouquet of rainbow swiss chard, spinach, a handful of green onion tops, a lovely bunch of kale, a beautiful little basket of micro-greens(beet,lettuce,mustard, etc) and some endive.

Anyone else out there like endive? It is a great little plant for variety of flavor. It is a sharp, pungent, peppery flavor that gives your salad a little lift, kind of like a mustard, but different. The whole plant is great; leaves, flowers, and even the young stems are good to eat. The older stems get tough and stringy like asparagus. Endive is an early spring plant that will bolt when it gets too hot, so plant it early and continue to clip the new leaves and flowers for as long as you can and enjoy a different flavor in your greens. I was going to add a picture of our endive, but forgot to photograph it before I harvested. I will try to remember to add a picture.


  1. How exciting!!!! We got our first basket from the local CSA and grabbed some heirloom tomato plants for a little pot out back. Not sure if we'll renew our lease so didn't want to invest in raised beds, etc. Missing our gardens, but thankful we can still find locally grown stuff! :) :) :) Enjoy all that yummy produce!

  2. It is amazing how much progress has been made here in the last few years. When we moved here there was no CSA presence and now there are several offering wonderful fresh local food.

    Good luck with those tomatoes. We are so excited about the prospect of biting into those juicy red tomatoes this summer.