Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jacob Turns 8!

Happy Birthday to our sweet, cute, witty young man. Determination and strength of spirit are two very dominate parts of his personality. He can be strong willed and at times very stubborn, but it shows that he can be driven when he truly believes he needs to be.
He has a warrior's heart, but can be a very soft-hearted and gentle spirit that looks out for those smaller than him and is a very sweet boy.

He is always ready to find something new to investigate, discover and learn; active and adventurous, loves to explore. He is always ready with a new and imaginative story or joke and can't wait to make a new friend where ever he goes.  

Happy Birthday my sweet little man! May you continue to grow in your convictions; may your will and determination
continue to guide you in the right direction with strength and steadfast spirit that keeps you on your path through life. 

Love you always!

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