Sunday, January 24, 2016

Happy Birthday Benjamin!


Benjamin turns three.

Our sweet baby boy is officially out of those baby stages and on to bigger and better things. Learning his letters, numbers, able to communicate clearly what he wants...and doesn't want; he has quickly picked up on that little treasure. He is now big enough to do what all of the others are doing(or so he thinks) and is doing his best to keep up.

Since he has been old enough to stand and walk, my walls have never been better decorated; he is very artistic and loves to paint, use markers, chalk or anything else that makes my walls look prettier than before he got to them. Lets just say I am really glad I haven't decided on a wall color to repaint yet.

Benjamin is helpful and loving and always ready for cuddle time. His sweet smile is always charming. He is outgoing, friendly and always ready to make someone smile.

I often get hugs and reassurance that I'm his number one. He runs to me throws his arms around my neck, and says in a deep husky voice, "You're my best Mom", and I tell him he's my best Ben...Then he proceeds to go to each of the other family members saying each in turn, "Your my best Dad", "You're my best Nathan"...He is just so full of love for everyone.

He's got a great spirit and lots of energy to share. He truly makes everyday more fun, entertaining and joyful. He wakes up with a smile, a hug, and lots of love and goes to sleep the same way as he snuggles in between Matt and I and sweetly says good night, I love you.

Happy 3rd Birthday
May you always be sweet, loving, caring, and an adventurous explorer in life. My your life always greet you with new and better adventures with a bright future and plenty of loving, caring family and friends to surround you always.
May God Bless You Always.

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