Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bugging out at the Library

Today was lots of fun at our public library in Oxford. The library hosted a bug seminar. Mr. Sam Testa came and talked about bugs with the children and then everyone went outside to go "bug hunting". They brought pond water and all the children were allowed to dip into the water and sift through the water they gathered in order to see what they could find. It was great to see all the different kinds of pond life. We learned about many different larve that live in water. Some things found were dragonfly larve, damselfly larve, water boatmen, seed shrimp, salamander larve, salamanders and tadpoles. If you look carefully in the rocks you can see the two tadpoles that we have brought home to observe. They seem to be Leapord Frog tadpoles.

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  1. What a fun library! And you are such a cool homeschool mom! Its not just any mom who would bring tadpoles home and let her boys keep them. :o)