Thursday, June 26, 2008

Soap Cutting Today

Today I cut my recent batches of soap. Lavender and Oat and Grain. They start out as a twelve pound block of soap that is then cut into three logs. The bars are cut out of the logs to get the final size. Every bar is unique because they are cut by hand with a knife. Often, I think about getting a special tool to get more precise measurment of each bar and a uniform appearence, but then realize that it is a labor of love and makes each one special.


  1. Suggestion:
    Find a keyhole saw at a used tool/antiques store like the Riverside Antiques place in New Albany or in Ripley. It'll make life easier for cutting the blocks and maintain the individual look. That or maybe cut with a fine wire and handles.

  2. Hand cutting gives your soaps a rustic look which is very appealing.