Thursday, June 5, 2008

Garden Update

What can you say about gardening in Mississippi except that it can be a very daunting task...You get fooled into believing that it is spring time, then all of a sudden it is winter again, then it bounces between hot and cold for a time and wham-bam summer hits in full force and it is 80 degrees at 7:00 in the morning and 90 degrees until nearly sunset. So with that said my experiment continues. My first run with tomatoes failed because they were damaged by a late frost and I do not think they will recover. The second set of tomatoes are doing beautifully and so far there are at least 10 beautiful tomatoes several as big as my palm. The peppers that were planted are okay but not thriving. The cucumbers are struggling and may recover...time will tell. The eggplant is hanging in there. The herbs are doing very well and it has been nice to have fresh herbs to use in cooking.


  1. Yeah!~ Glad you sent your Blog my way! Yes, gardening in MS takes your patience to task! Ours is pitifully late, pitifully. You HAVE to come out and visit!

  2. I'm impressed! Your tomatoes are looking great!