Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Milestone: The Oldest is Going Backpacking

Nathan left today to go on a backpacking adventure through the Boy Scouts Venturing Crew. That sounds simple enough on its own, but he will be gone for two weeks and is going to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico to trek through a part of the Rocky Mountains. This scouting facility has a fascinating history and looks like a wonderful opportunity and adventure ahead for him.

Hiking Practice
We wish him well and pray that he comes home safe. He has only been gone for a couple of hours and already the kids are missing him, even Benjamin who didn't get to say good-bye this morning has been searching around the house and calling for him.

I am really excited that he is getting this opportunity. He worked really hard this summer doing several jobs for a few different people in order to raise the funds that he needed in order to go...and he actually went beyond and has some spending money to go with it. A grant to help pay for a portion of the trip was also awarded to him through the Boy Scouts. I am very proud of the young man that he is becoming, and looking forward to hearing about the adventures he is about to undertake and all the growing that will come from this trip. I think that this is a great beginning into his up coming Freshmen year in High School.

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