Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nathan's Home

  • Nathan came home today. He's thinner, and I think a little taller. Matt said it was just his boots, but I think we all know its because he is within an inch of being taller than his dad and I think it bothers  Matt just a little. It's nice to have him home, we have all missed him quite a bit. Benjamin took some time to warm up, and wasn't too sure, but eventually gave him big hugs and smiles. Evelyn, Jacob and Noah were really excited to have their brother back...even though some of them claimed not to miss him. Evelyn became somewhat of a clingy monkey for a while. Jacob claimed that Nathan(the real one) hadn't been returned yet, because this one that came home was so much nicer than the one that used to live with us. Noah been quiet tonight, and just seems relieved and happy to have his pal back. 

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