Saturday, September 13, 2014

New Family Craft

We are working our way into a new craft that we are hoping to eventually turn into a business that each of the children will have a part in. Even though we already have the soap business, the kids are not really able to participate, because of the possibility of danger dealing with the lye during the process of making soap.
They do have an opportunity to help in some of the other aspects, but being that it can be the tedious, boring parts that really don't lend to a true sense of accomplishment, we are venturing into some other things that they can do and call their own.
Matt and the boys always enjoy getting the opportunity to play with leather tooling during some of their Cub/Boy Scout activities, so recently we began working with leather. We are still working out many, many details, but so far it has been fun for most of the kids that are old enough to participate.

Matt began making a unique line of cup holders to "Dress Up Your Solo Cup" in order to give people the option to give their cup a unique look that will help it to stand out among the sea of cups that are at social events, but also give them structure, support, and a better grip.

The holders can be customized countless different ways with names, logos, and designs. He is also working on some bottle koozies, and possibly can koozies in the future. The design potential is endless and only limited to the imagination. Business logos, names, symbols like Fraternity/Sorority letters, we are looking forward to the custom possibilities with these it could be really fun to see what potential customers can dream up.

Our oldest, Nathan, has begun making bracelets, rings, and eventually wants to make larger pieces like armor...for now I've encouraged him to stick with the smaller more practical things that actually have real-world application at this point, well that and I would rather him build skills on smaller pieces before tackling something like a set of armor.

In doing some of these recent projects Nathan will be earning his leather working badge in Boy Scouts as he gains more crafts skills to call his own. We love the opportunity to encourage these types of skills in the kids so that they may eventually enjoy a craft/skill that is quickly becoming a lost art. So far he has gotten several commissions  for a few types of bracelets already. He has a good eye at design and is very good at tooling designs onto the leather. 
Nathan(14)...Practice work

The younger boys were really eager to get to design and stamp their own stuff. For a while they were grabbing scrap pieces that Matt and Nathan had left over on the ends and pieces. Noah began to actually create some nice/cute creative designs so I cut out some round pieces for them to make their own little creations.
Noah(9)...His own design
Jacob(7)... His own design

Noah(9)...his own design.

The kids and Matt were having way too much fun, so I had to try too and began making some barrettes...

Once you get started making things it is really difficult not to want to make more and different things. So in the future I will be trying to make things like bookmarks, small wallets/coin purses, notebook covers, little charms, and possibly random art pieces for people to incorporate into their own arts and crafts projects and jewelry.

 We have already begun to look at other practical applications and suggestions and requests that were asked about like belts, arm guards, guitar straps, dog collars, handbags, and a couple of other things...well, you know all in good time and all when the income for future projects has been generated.

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