Monday, September 22, 2014

School: Another Year begins

Summer is coming to an end for the year and a new school year is now underway and in full swing. We typically wait until after Labor day in order to give a couple weeks extra to planning and preparing for our year.

This year we have hit a big milestone. We have a Highschool Freshman! Nathan is beginning his 9th grade year. Seton worked out okay for last year so we went ahead and ordered his books again for this year. Even though getting Nathan to actually do the required school work; it was really nice to have more accountability on his end to get assignments complete on a time schedule and have to be more responsible for his own work that is partially graded by the Seton staff.
The other nice thing was having back up when needed, teachers that could help and counsel if needed, and best of all we will have complete transcripts for his highschool education if he chooses to pursue a college education.
He will be taking the advance courses for college bound students. Last week his box of books came in and we went through was really funny to see the look on his face when he saw the size of the books. This year will be Algebra, Physical Science, English, Spanish, Vocabulary, Geography, Spanish, and Religion. Last year he ended his year with a high A/B average in his subjects even thought we had to persuade him quite a lot and quite often to get the assignments complete...I think it was worth it in the end. This year school will be accompanied with an existing part-time job that he is really enjoying. I love that he is also getting real life experience as part of his education.

Noah is beginning the 4th grade this year! I look at him and think how in the world is that possible...he just looks so small and yet he will be nine soon. I have been so excited with his progress and change over the year.
We began with him struggling to read and having difficulty with even simple he is reading novels on his own some even above his reading level. I'm not sure if he is truly ready for some of it, but he is reading and enjoying reading so...I say way to go!

Jacob will be starting 1st grade. Like Noah he had some difficulty grasping the reading thing, but I think that when this year gets started he will handle it like a champ. It is very difficult to get him to keep still for more than 5 minutes at a time and he is a very active child.
Breaks and lots of Physical activity are absolutely necessary for this kid. He is quick to grasp things and I think that this year will be a great year of discovery for him.

Evelyn...Oh Evelyn...She is something else. Last month she told me that she was ready to learn her EBD's...and she had a reason to say "EBD's". E is the first letter in her name so it is only right that the Alphabet start that way too.
So this year we will learn the alphabet and maybe, just maybe, they will no longer be EBD's but it is really cute. I'm guessing we can add some numbers in too.

Benjamin will be hitting a milestone of his own...It is truly not one that he will like, but it is time to move forward. He and I are going to wean...It is a sad time in one way because it is just one more thing that signles the end of the baby years...he's growing up.
He has nursed the longest of all the kids and I honestly never thought that I would ever do this for this long, but every child is different and has different needs.

So our adventure continues another year of growing learning and loving as a family the way God intended...I truly love this life we have no matter how crazy it gets sometimes every day is special and we have made some wonderful memories with our children and family.

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