Saturday, September 27, 2014

Birthday: Jacob, Seven Years Old

Today is Jacob's 7th Birthday. He is our third child and our third boy. He doesn't give up or give in when he truly believes what he wants is what he needs; he can be very driven, strong willed, and stubborn. Determination and strength of spirit are two very dominate parts of his personality...he has the heart of a warrior, and yet, he is very kind-hearted, gentle, has a very generous spirit and is a very sweet boy. 
He is a very active and adventurous, loves to explore and investigate his world, always ready to find something new to investigate, discover, and learn. His imagination is immense and he can make up cute imaginative stories. He doesn't ever meet a stranger and one look into those beautiful eyes, and one smile could melt even the most grumpy of people. It doesn't matter where we go Jacob always finds, talks to and befriends someone new. 

Happy Birthday my sweet little man! May you continue to grow strong, smart and steadfast as you grow into a man. Love you always!

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