Saturday, May 20, 2017

Low-Carb Life

Recently, I was diagnosed with Diabetes and slightly high cholesterol. The doctor I'm seeing has given me roughly 3 months to reverse some of the years I've abuse and damage that I have inflicted on my body over the first 40-ish years of my childhood. So I have now been sent on a new venture in my life these next few months I am ditching all sugar, and as many carbs as I can. Over the last 6 weeks, at least 10 pounds have come off, so some progress has been made in the right direction. My goal in this new adventure is to actually reverse and heal the damage created, but also to reset the way we all eat as a family and to teach better habits for our kids future's. There is a risk of diabetes on both my side of the family and Matt's side of the family and that is really bad for our children's future because it seems to be showing up younger and younger in our family line. The diet that we follow(SAD Standard American Diet) with all the pre-packaged sugar laden high carb, pasta based, rice and grain based convenience foods that we have been taught to love have to be replaced by wholesome fresh foods that will nourish us not just fill us up until the next meal. I really like the idea of going back to a more simple eating plan even though it is not the most convenient in our hectic overscheduled fast-pace lives.

Early on, when my symptoms were fitting in with thyroid problems, I began by following a strict paleo diet by removing all carbs, dairy, sugar, nuts and grains from what we are eating(mostly me, somewhat Matt; it is a little more difficult to wean the kids that will come in time.) I am not going to pretend...IT...IS...SO...hard to stop eating all the "good" stuff, but...when you are faced with the threat of being medicated for the rest of your life it gives you encouragement to do what needs to be done. I refuse to be diabetic. Being diabetic while pregnant has taught me that I do not want to live that way.

Recently we have been adding in some nuts and dairy, but still sticking to a strict no sugar, low-carb meal plan that is mostly vegetables and meats.

Changing eating habits has not been the most difficult part...that would have to be exercise...exercise has got to be the most difficult thing to do consistently especially when there is very little time to schedule it in, and very little energy to be motivated to do it. We will continue to try to make it a more normal part of our week though.

I will try to post some of the recipes we have begun using that we like and want to keep...

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