Sunday, May 28, 2017

Low Carb Life: Boudin

Being from South Louisiana, life isn't generally Low Carb. In fact, because of the hard working lifestyles of our ancestors and the need for frugality, many of the mealtime staples were potatoes, rice, corn, peas and beans. They were very creative in the way meals were prepared and served, many times turning what many people consider meager low country meals into fabulous dishes that are now saught after as a cuisine that is hard to beat. One such meal that we often had as a part of Saturday or Sunday brunch was boudin. It was either steamed, pan fried, or even grilled giving each a unique flavor and versatility. Boudin is basically a rice dressing (mixture of pork meat, vegetables and rice) that is stuffed into a casing(usually pork). In like other types of sausage boudin is fully cooked when stuffed and only needs to be heated to be eaten. It doesn't have the typical texture of sausage because of the rice content. It is soft and more likely to fall apart when the casing is opened. Many people eat it casing and all..I don't typically eat the casing, personally just never developed a taste for it.

So back to the topic. Making boudin low carb. For the past two months, I have been lamenting the thought of not having this lovely little meal and thinking there should be a way...and there is! I was thinking there are many people substituting cauliflower for rice so it should work...well a news feed popped up in my Facebook page almost like an answer. Someone in Louisiana tried it and it worked. I'm still skeptical after reading, but this week I tried it. It's not half bad. I still. Red to work on proportions and seasoning, but it is a start.

I made a small batch with cauliflower and made the kids and Matt the regular batch. I didn't bother stuffing this batch in a casing because it wasn't big and wasn't going to be kept for long.

I will continue to work on recipe proportions and eventually post a recipe.

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