Saturday, May 22, 2010

Good Friends...Good Fun...Good Crawfish

We have been trying for quite a while to have a group over for supper at our house since we have moved in. On Thursday we hosted a crawfish boil for some of the people that work for Matt and some of our friends and neighbors. This was our first official gathering at the new house and despite the looming clouds and intermittent rain it seems like everyone had a really good time. We cooked about 75 pounds of crawfish along with lots of potatoes, corn, mushrooms and onions. The vegetables soak up the seasoning that the crawfish are boiled in and it gives them a really good spicy flavor.

The boys really enjoyed themselves. Nathan has been to crawfish boils before back home in Louisiana and probably ate his share and mine. Noah and Jacob on the other hand have never been to a boil before and had lots of fun catching and chasing crawfish in the yard. I was amazed at how brave they were. Neither of them had any second thoughts about sticking their hands into the pot of live crawfish to catch and play with them.

Eating it was a different story, though. they were not too sure about them. It was a little funny. Noah liked eating them, but didn't want to have to peel them. He mostly made a meal off of the corn and potatoes. Jacob on the other hand was positive that he didn't want to have anything to do with eating those bugs on the table, but every time you handed him a tail and he didn't know where it came from he would eat it and ask for more.

Unfortunately, after everything got cooking I put my camera down so that it didn't get rained on or fall into the pot and forgot to take pictures of the actual supper.

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