Sunday, May 16, 2010

What's coming up in the yard

It has been lots of fun watching and waiting to see what the previous owners have in the flower bed and around the yard. From the end of summer last year when we looked at the house I noticed several herbs, what I thought was strawberries(turned out to be wild strawberries), and lots of dead/dying annual plants. Since the start of spring we have had several types of daffodils, a couple of types of iris, dasies, roses, azaleas, a couple of different types of fig trees, a plum tree, mullberry trees, dogwood trees, lots of muscadine vines, maybe a couple of wild cherry trees, I'll know for sure when the fruit ripens. There are also a couple of trees that flowered early in the spring, but I forgot to mark them to see what they were...maybe I'll remember next year.

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