Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ice Pop Experiment Summer 2010

Since the weather has warmed up quite a bit, the boys have been going through boxes of Popsicles like crazy. I don't buy the dyed water version for them though because of the dyes, High Fructose Corn Syrup, huge amounts of sugar, and the fact that they don't have much in nutritional value either. One of our boys has a sensitivity to red dye so it can be difficult sometimes to give some things to the others and exclude him even though we find suitable alternatives, they know it isn't quite the same thing and even if it is better it somehow doesn't seem fair in their eyes. On a positive side, he seems less and less effected by it as he gets older. Anyway, I grew tired of buying the high-priced boxes of "ice pops"* and decided last week to begin making them instead. The boys and Matt have really enjoyed them so far, and I have found lots of resources and recipes to try out over the next few weeks...not to mention a few of my own design. The Market is starting on Saturday, and I figured if the boys are enjoying them it might be a good treat to sell at the Market so we will give it a try if I can work out the traveling and storing aspects of it. I am starting out with rather basic fruit pops, and a couple of creamy ones, if I get the chance I will also add a tea or coffee one. In time if it all works out I would like to try and focus on fresh and local produce. So far I have come up with Watermelon, Pineapple-Coconut, Pear-Blueberry, and fruit punch. Tomorrow I would like to make Lemon-Berry or Lemon-Mint, Lime, and maybe a fudge pop with chocolate cookie chunks.

If you are interested in trying the pear-blueberry yourself, it was fairly simple, I had a can of pears in juice no sugar added on hand and frozen blueberries. I pureed the pears, you can add a little honey or sugar(I didn't and it came out fine) poured it into molds and added frozen blueberries and the sticks. I would like to use fresh fruit in the future, but this was a trial so I used what was handy. The hardest part was waiting. This basically made enough for four "ice pops"*.

*As a side note I just wanted to explain the phrase ice pop instead of using Popsicle. Apparently, Popsicle is now a registered trade mark and can not be used as a general description any longer, that is why you find "popsicles" listed under Novelties in the freezer section.

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  1. We love homemade "ice pops" here, too. Our favorites are strawberry/ banana (basically a frozen strawberry yogurt smoothie) and blueberry/ lemonade. I had never thought of blueberry pear, but that will be a good use for all of that pear sauce I canned last fall :) Thanks for the idea.