Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting Ready For The Farmer's Market

June is approaching fast. What a quick spring we have had, It seems like winter would never end and then in the blink of an eye summer has quickly descended upon us.
This week and most of next week will be rather busy preparing for a new season of soap at the local Farmer's Market and local stores that carry our soap.
New batches are now curing in anticipation of the June 5th opening of the market. Many of the batches have been updated in some way to make them more unique and to add more interest. Late last year I began experimenting with sugar and salt body scrubs and got good feedback on it. I am thinking of adding these if time allows. I am also still trying to find a lip balm recipe that I am happy with so that I can have those ready this year too. Later this summer I am hoping to begin making a line of liquid soap. Then in the Fall I would like to also add lotion bars, and body butter. Another change we are working on for this year is adjusting the labels a bit and eventually changing the packaging.

This is the new label for the soaps. Anyone have any comments on it, they would be appreciated.


  1. MMMMMMM, soap! I could use some soap. SO I will see you in Taylor next weekend.

  2. Oh I like the labels :) I talked to Dad and he wants some of the plain unscented soap, so I will try to call or email so that we can talk about how many he will need and I can get an exact total. :)

    Are you almost ready for the baby? Do you need anything? Let me know, ok :)

    Miss you!!

  3. Hi Lori,
    I just made a new batch with your dad in mind. It will be ready in about three weeks. I am cutting it into bars tomorrow. Just let me know.

    Yes and no. I am ready to meet her, just not prepared for her, yet. :)