Monday, May 24, 2010

Mini Farm Update

The rain has been really nice lately, especially for the garden. Besides not having to drag out the hose, the plants much prefer the natural water from the sky instead of all the chemically processed water that comes out of the faucet...of course I really don't hear them complain too much, they just look happier after a nice shower.The only problem with the great rain showers is that it also makes the weeds happy, happy, happy. Last week the garden was relatively clear of stray plants.

Walking outside yesterday I realized that there was a little neglect on my part, but in my defense those plants grew way faster in a week than I would have anticipated and nearing the end of this pregnancy has proven to be a little more difficult than the previous ones, making it harder for me to spend as much time outside in the last couple of weeks with the increasing heat and humidity.Anyway, it looks like I will have to brave the heat and the itch that comes with it and clean out the garden before they swallow my plants whole. The cucumbers also need something to climb on, that should also be done tomorrow. Maybe I will even get the green beans replanted.

On a happy note, some of the watermelon seeds that were planted recently have started sprouting despite the garden intruder that
tried to eat all my seeds, unfortunately they managed to eat every one of the cantaloupe seeds on the row and left the seed shells to taunt me.

The compost heap has been growing some beautiful stray plants, it looks like there are some potatoes, and squash(maybe from last year's decorative autumn display) for sure. The squash plant is amazing and I can't wait to see what it produces.

The chickens are doing well. It seems like they are really happy in their house and run. They really enjoy being out during the day, and unlike my children know when to put themselves to bed.
About an hour before sunset for the last couple of days they have gone back to the coop all on their own which makes it a lot easier on them and me. Seeing the boys chase them around the run for half an hour and stressing them out was really starting to stress me out.
We have also come to the realization that we will probably not have free-range chickens like we first planned.
The neighbors dog is just way too interested. At first it was really cute, she is part border collie and she seemed to want to herd them around, but she is also part bird dog which makes me think she is trying to herd them into a corner for a snack. I am not sure that we are ready to find out which it is so for now they will have to stay in their run until I get brave or build a pen that we can move to different areas in the yard.

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